Divetech Offers Best Offshore Diving Services to Meet Subsea Engineering Requirements

The subsea engineering industry require quality offshore diving services to meet their underwater intervention requirements. Divetech is one company that has been offering a variety of commercial diving services required by the offshore industry to meet their needs. The company has years of experience and expertise in handling the subsea projects and have been active in the Indian subcontinent completing projects in both the Western and Eastern coastal regions. The company has the best divers whose skills are further enhanced with regular training and safety programs to conduct the diving operations in the best quality. The company offers best nuclear diving services who work in the spent fuel tanks to preform re-racks for storage of spent fuel rods, replace sensors and also repair transfer carts that are used to move fuel bundles and also weld and mend steam dryers and broken equipment etc as per the client’s requirements.


offshore diving services



Divetech is also expert in offering offshore construction offering a variety of services like underwater cutting and welding, underwater marine coating appliance, subsea high pressure water jetting, salvage operation, SPM subsea routine maintenance, subsea grit blasting and many more to offer quality output and meet the clients’ needs. You can also hire their services for pipeline operation that includes dive support to underwater pipe-lay projects, underwater spool-piece installation, pipeline ERP repairs operation, pipeline solar survey etc that are very important for the subsea engineering industry. The company also conduct underwater inspection services as part of their offshore diving services that includes closed circuit video inspection, seabed-scour, search, debris, survey, structural damage or dent inspection, corrosion protection, photography recording, video inspections and many more that helps the clients take a detailed call on their subsea engineering requirements. The company also offer their services for SPM operation like SPM installation and change out, auxiliary inspection and maintenance, PIEM routine maintenance, anchors set-up, tension checks, angles and maintenance and many more as per the client’s specifications.


All the offshore diving services are undertaken under the supervision of a project co-ordinator who oversees the day to day operations to ensure not only timely completion of the projects in the best quality but also the safety of the divers which is very important for the company. The company has won many membership and certifications for their quality services in the subsea industry and they have the best corporate policy with no compromise on the safety of their divers and quality and privacy of the clients.