Divetech Offers Best Marine Engineering Diving Services as Per The Client’s Requirements

There are only a few companies that offer exceptional marine engineering diving services catering to the requirements of the subsea engineering industry. One among them is surely Divetech Marine engineering services that has years of experience in offering underwater intervention services as per the clients’ needs. The company has recently completed projects in both the offer services in both western and eastern coastal regions of the Indian subcontinent. The marine company recruit expert divers and take them through exceptional training and safety programs to offer quality services to the clients and at the same time maintain safety standards of the employees. The marine engineering diving services clearly understand the requirements of the clients and accordingly plan their diving activities. A project coordinator is assigned for every client to oversee the day to day operations and completion of the project within the deadline and in the best quality.



pipeline engineering


You can avail the marine engineering diving services as per your requirements with a team of experts in different areas of diving. There is nuclear diving team available for projects where the dive team need to work in the spent fuel tanks to perform re-racks, replace sensors and also repair broken transfer carts that move the fuel bundles. Divers also mend steam dryers, broken equipment, nozzles and also recover lost items that may damage the fuel rods below the water. The company also offer excellent pipeline engineering services offering dive support to pipe-lay projects, installation of underwater spool-piece, maintain underwater tie-ins, risers repairs, maintenance and installation services, conduct pipeline solar survey and also take up ERP repairs operation. You can also find the company offering services like general offshore construction like subsea high pressure water jetting, grit blasting, underwater welding, burning and cutting, corrosion protection, salvage operation and many more as per the requirements of the client’s projects. They also extend their services for marine construction works, non-destructive testing and also SPM operation as per the client’s requirements.


Divetech has also been conferred with nuclear diving accreditation and is the only company in Middle East receiving this accreditation. The company has the best quality, safety and private policy to cater to the interests of both the clients as the employees of the company. The underwater diving services are also offered in the best price and the testimonials from their clients give a picture about their commitment and dedication in offering underwater intervention services.